Color Management

We are passionate about great color!

Back Story: Human color perception is far more unique than any fingerprint! No two persons have ever tested the same! Industry provides "default" or pre-installed color profiles determining how color is used and perceived. Profiles for cameras, scanners, monitors and printers' inks & papers are available from most indusrty leading service providers.

Custom Profiles: Evaluation, measurment and changes in color input and output require the capacity to "read" and "adjust" delivery of lightwaves - providing consistant, accuate results! Numeric or colorimetric adjustments are THE bridge facilitating accurate, consistant results, across all platforms. We at Apalache develop and impliment Color Management tools and practices for all users (photographers, designers, prepress and print applications). You're inquiries are welcome! We will work with you to develop color solutions that are the simplest & best available for your specific requirements & budget.

We provide color solutions for photographers, printers, prepress and design houses as well as for galleries, visual artists and interior designers. Color management tools (hardware and software), colorimetrically balanced lighting (for proofing or display) and hands-on training in state-of-the-art color options are all here.

Color Services

Profiling: For cameras, scanners, monitors and printers, we provide custom color profiling using state-of-the-art X-Rite © iOne Pro Solutions.

Lighting: We can help you plan and install colorimertically balanced lighting solutions for photography, contract proofing and gallery spaces.

Training: Unlike most class settings, we begin by listening to your needs, then provide a hands-on learning methodology in support of your individual workflow (for printers, photographers, prepress providers & desktop publications).

RGB Test Targets

RGB printers (Canon, Epson, etd.) require custom profiles when exacting standards are necessary via RGB-to-CMYK output. We provide color files (.JPEG / .TIFF) and info/training about using targets for Profiling for use within the entire © Adobe Creative Suite. We are professionals in the RGB, CMYK, Lab and LCH workflow.

Gray Scale

Please inquire about our in-house or remote color management training services!