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Color Target Files
Adobe Photoshop -> RGB Printer

This page provides info and links to three color target files destined to go to your RGB printer of choice. Each target exists on a unique page with a placed .JPEG file. Each single file is a JPEG image, 8 x 10 @ 300 dpi. (Each link will open a new window in front of this page.)

1. Select and "Save" (click and drag to desktop or right click) each of the three targets to a unique folder of your own creation or choosing.

(Your aim here is to convert them to .TIFF files without any profile attached for output at your printer of choice.)

2. After "Save" open Photoshop. Go to the "Color Preferences" dialog box, select the option to warn you of any mismatched or missing color profiles.

3. Close Color Preferences and then open the JPEG Color Target Files files.
When a screen appears asking what to do with the image, select "Leave as is. Don't color manage" and hit "OK". (If no such screen appears you'll need to close the file first and return to Color Preferences (see number 2 above).

3. After it is opened select "Save" as TIFF - and make sure you've deselected "embed profile".

4. These saved tiff files, burned to CD/DVD or sent via FTP, will go to your regular printer or service bureau for printing as regular RGB print files.

5. In the USA, mail the three printed Targets to:

Apalache - Professional Imaging
P.O. Box 727, Swannanoa, NC 28778

(Be sure to write "Photographs - Do Not Bend" on the envelop.)
Include a US Postal Money Order for $20 along with your email address
as the final profiles, along with info on their use, will be sent via email - or on a CD .

(Just as a double check, please record on paper the steps you take and mail that too. OK? OK!)





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